Goodbye Togo

Shailesh’s  “son”  Togo died today. And this is what Shailesh had to say:

Togo My PET Pomeranian died today.he was 13Y 5M 1 day…Arrived in 1999 …..
As Arthur Hastings says in Agatha Christie’s Last Book CURTAIN…Poirot died and along with him died a good part of Arthur Hastings ..Today i can say TOGO died and along with him died a good part of Shailesh Venkatadri….whole house looks so empty today..
Rest in Peace ..My Friend…..

I have never had a pet dog, or  no dog has owned me, but  I have more than bow-bowing acquaintance with a few  great canines, and I  believe  most of them  approve of me, and   some even feel they can trust me  as much as they trust their own family. I met Togo  about six or seven years back, and  that first time, he yapped sharply and incessantly as Pomeranians are wont to do. I was amused to learn that he had high cholesterol, and  watch fascinated as he crunched into a big piece of cucumber that Manisha, Shailesh’s wife,  gave him.  We sat on the floor divans , with a plate of “enmana” to munch on, and  talked about everything from  Enid BLyton, Agatha Christie, M&B,   movies and  remembered our childhood antics,  a couple of which we’d rather not remember, only we can’t deny it because Subri was witness. Well if he says anything,  its his word against ours.
In the midst of all this, I didn’t notice  that Togo had become silent, and  was not snapping or preparing to  bare his teeth as I made animated conversation, and must have waved my arms  in a suspicious (to him) manner.

It was soon time to go, and  Togo  rose , running to the front door ahead of us.and took up his high-piched yapping again.  This time though it was  to protest  against my leaving!!
In the last few months, Togo had to put up with many changes,  moving from a  house to an apartment , puzzled by all the noises and the slippery floor and other  annoyances that come with  life in an apartment.  I haven’t seen Togo since 2010 , but  I’m proud to know he approved of me, and  like to think I was a member of his family.

Dear Shailesh, Manisha and Shivani,  Togo will always watch over you , and me!


  1. nalini says:

    shailesh, heartfelt condolences. can understand your pain. cherish his memories. you are lucky to have had him.
    sheshagiri mama “bows” his head in grief.

  2. Shailesh says:

    Thank you, Jayasri aunty for this wonderful article! It bought tears into my eyes! Left me speechless! 🙂

    Shivani 🙂

    Ya Togo did LIKE you ….recalll when you first came you sent the great baasha to get a 5 star bar…and he got 2 of them and since then Togo was your deewana !

    There are so many memories associated with him but Togo would not like his master to grieve,sorry mistress Manisha and Shivani HMV His Master/Mistress Voice will always be of laughter not tears when we recall him..

    once Manisha had urchofied lots of vataani(green peas sitting on the diwan and he below looking up wondering how to grab them… that time somebody rang the door bell and M just got up forgtting togo….and that was the chance T was looking forwad too..

    by the time M came back ha ha ha need i go on? the whole hall was littered with peas and some left in the vessel and togo chomping/munching,running behind the scattered peas…well isnt it said daan daane pe likha hain khaanewale ka naam? well 1 KG of peas had only one name and it was Togo,Togo,Togo,,
    M was furious but burst out laughing so much before some film star said it (recently),….the words…entertainment…Togo said it…

    ……Togo was Entertainment,Entertainment,Entertainment..aur Togo Entertainment hain now ,tha and will always be remembered so..!!

    my bil asked me yesterday will you have another dog/pet? I said NO..14 years is a pretty long time and Togo had taken all the emotions,energies,etc from we have nothing else left to gve to a NO….

    my MAAMIYAAR mil..gave a sensible suggestion..whenever you go to a bakery….and see a dozen buns and feed the canines….!
    Togo would love that….
    Trust a MIL to give a sensible suggestion..specially an Iyer Mami….ha ha ha..

    Thanks Jayasri for a beautiful article…as Sunder says you and your family always had a way with words….THIS article will always be read,re read …for ever..just like i do read a few books again,again n again…

    Sheshagiri mama Bow ing his head ….was the ULTIMATE respect for Togo..a 21 rifle salute…? 🙂 :-)…..

    RIP Togo….

    There will never be another friend,philosopher,guide… for SV like you….

    By the way, Manisha just bought 1 KG bataani (peas) 😉 Just don’t feel like urchofying it…


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