Who am I? For the most part, a faceless name in a newspaper, with a story to tell that’s dead as soon as its read. In other words, a journalist. Currently plotting story-lines that will not make it to any front page., Blissfully liberated from daily deadlines and guilt trips over the occasional writer’s block. Gloriously distant from the din and drone and purposeless chatter that passes for news and views. Revelling in the freedom to air my opinions without fear or favour.

If you like Sweetkharacoffee, don’t be shy, or miserly in saying so, and why. If you didn’t like it,  give reasons, and explain with reference to context.  I love giving reasons and explaining things with reference to context, I was very good at it and topped the class in  English and Kannada tests, where one has to  Give Reasons for The Following and Explain with Reference to Context (5 marks)

Alladi Jayasri


  1. nalini says:

    y dont u rite a bk and sell the story to vvp for 25crore rupees.

    1. alljay says:

      U think VVC is going to actually buy?!! Next time he’s just to help himself

  2. Brilliant! I cannot think of any other adjective to describe your musings from
    Virgin(ia) territory. Distance, it seems, has injected the right dose of detachment and rounded off much of the angularities that go with proximity and choke your thoughts.
    Distance ensures that much of what we see (including the humourless chief protogonist’s head) is bald or, when the occasion warrants, ribald! You are blessed with words, a great sense of humour and a keen sense of observation. You add to this the flavour of robust(a) filter coffee and serve it on a tray fitted with a moral rim. Wow, you have arrived! You are truly the chosen one, the Saraswathiputri – handpicked by the Goddess for special blessings. I now see you (and this not hyperbole) putting your foot in to price open the heavy door that opens into the pantheon of Indo-anglian writers. Keep at it. You could be the new generation R.K.Narayan who makes us smile, laugh and cry and often pushes us into Google drive so that we may graduate from darkness to light and from No-ledge (what the hell is nephelococcygia ? ) to Knowledge (the act of seeing and finding shapes in clouds!)


  3. Chandan says:

    Hey, just saw your comment (of Aug 22) … apols for not replying earlier. Reuters keeping me seriously busy. Kapooscan mari — the one post i’ve read so far — is brilliant. Like Mr. Surya Prakash says, you’re the chosen one ‘to make us smile, laugh, cry’ … gonna add your blog to follow on a more regular basis. Chandan.

    1. Jayasri says:

      Great Chandan, it was a pleasant surprise to see this when I was craving for one!! Keep visiting sweetkharacoffee!

  4. ramanan50 says:

    Read some of your posts.
    Long time since I read Good Prose.
    Keep going.
    Spell check might be needed in some posts.
    This is strange ,coming from me, my posts are an example of spelling mistakes, among other things..

    1. Jayasri says:

      Thanks a lot, for noticing my blog! And congratulations on yours! And yes I plead guilty to the spell un-check!

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