Roads Scholar Runs Again!

Road Runner has run out of her teens!  She’s got wheels!  She’s got a passport that she already used the way its meant to be used.

Is it just a year since she was 19,  and we all thought she was using her brains in a way that Mom and I wanted to call her Parsi-mani?

The gal’s 20 today, and we are stunned to see that her idea of saving her brains for a brainy day is actually a stroke of genius!

She twists her Mom round her little finger, drives her nuts, apart from driving her around -to malls mostly and I love the  jewelled bookmark she brought me from Romania  in the year she went from 19 to twenty.

This is also a good time to let her know she has the gift of gift-giving. After all, I am twice-gifted by her- the woollen gloves that her mom tucked into my hands as I was leaving for America have kept me warm for the second snowy winter in America and are still good for a couple of winters more.I always said everyone isn’t gifted enough in the matter of choosing presents for the dear ones, and for the no-so-dear ones who need to be gifted once a year. Even the cake that she gives Mom , every year for her 32nd birthday, with the latest one cruelly screaming “Happy Birthday Fatso!”

Proof,  that between Roads Scholar-I and this here sequel,  she has been obliging enough to giver her brain a thorough airing,–Mom’s happy she’s no airhead, thankfully, though it means she can longer fool Road Runner that her mom is only 32, every birthday.  Mom has hair-raising moments in raising her only heir-ess- she demands her mom gives oil and tender-loving care to her tresses, and calls it bonding.  Coyote Mom has chucked the fork and plate out the window,  and  Ma and Moll at the Mall is the way to go……

Mom and Dad are disqualified from Facebook. Lol, she said when I asked her why not. And don’t push your luck, be glad that Aunty is  FB friend, who’s not been dissed out.

Sigh.  Pinky is the Brain now.  Time to be the couch potato and watch Road Runner, well,  run. Or may be tread the mill, in case she flings the Fatso cake my way.  I know what to say then……..You got brains, duh!  And what I see is just the interest on the principal.

Happy Birthday once again Jenu.

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